It was a cool, drizzly, April afternoon when I spotted Rick briskly walking east along Gould Street, just down the road from the newly renamed Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (formerly called the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre). As I was driving north along Yonge Street at the time, it fell upon my dad to jump out of the car and chase Rick down. After my dad explained to Rick what it was we were doing, he consented, with a nod of his head, to having his photograph taken and being interviewed. Unfortunately, Rick is almost completely nonverbal, communicating more with grunts than with words. As such, my dad was unable to elicit any information from him, with the exception of his name. And we may even be mistaken about that. When the photo shoot was finished I ran to my car to get a box of tissues for Rick to wipe his nose with. (I didn’t do this beforehand as I like photographing my subjects exactly the way I find them.) At first he took just one tissue. However, with my encouragement he took a handful, before saying—what sounded to me like—“Thank you!” He, then, gave me a warmhearted smile before turning east and heading down Gould Street again.

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