Up until three years ago Kimberly, together with Matty, her partner of eleven years, and their seven children, all lived happily together in a house of their own. “In 2015 we had a house fire”, she told us. “Everyone was okay, but we lost the kids to Child Safety. And we ended up homeless. It’s hard to get out of that circle, you know what I mean? Because we have adopted to that lifestyle and the … friends we have have also adopted to the homeless lifestyle.” It probably doesn’t help that Kimberly, herself, was first homeless when she was eleven, and then again when she was seventeen. Sadly, Kimberly now feels as if everyone, including social services, has given up on her and Matty. Kimberly told us that her children were her life and that losing them has been very hard on her. However, she does see some of them every Friday. (She sees the boys one week and the girls the next.) This has helped, somewhat, to ease her pain.
Kimberly’s immediate goal is to find a job. This will enable her to get a place of her own. (She currently sleeps under a bridge.) Then, hopefully, she will be able to get her children back. There is only one small problem though: her identification was lost in the fire, and without it she can’t get a job. Although still only in her twenties, Kimberly says that she feels old.

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